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In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

This page is dedicated to our station which was opened in the year 2000. Our old station was built around 1860 in the town centre of Ventnor which became unsuitable for our requirements, due to the amount of equipment that has been introduced over the years. There wasn't any seating and we could only fit in one table which was used by the Station Officer.

The vehicle only just fitted in the station and it was very cold. After years of fighting, we finally moved to our new station in Old Station Road, Ventnor. It is central to our patch with easy access to all areas of our area. There is also ample car parking for the team which is useful when we have training.

Inside, the garage is large so our vehicle can fit in easily, along with our trailer and the kit that the team has. With all of this equipment stored in the garage part of the station, there is still room to carry out training here. There is a room upstairs with a radio and charts which can be used for a large incident if required.

At the back of the station is a large training room with chairs, tables and a whiteboard. This is used for team meetings and training is held here during the winter months.

Over the coming months, the station will be modified to meet the requirements for being the mud team. This will consist of a shower and drying room for the dry suits once they have been cleaned.

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