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 Call Outs

In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard


Incidents in 2014


This page shows the amount of calls that the Ventnor Coastguard team have responded to.

Below, is a list of the previous years which give details on the amount of calls that the team has had and gives details to show what we have done.

There is a large amount of abbreviations included in the details of the call outs pages, so there is a table below explaining what the abbreviations are and what they mean.

If the year is highlighted in blue or purple, click on it to see more details of the calls that we have had.

  • 2014 - 59 incidents (so far)

  • 2013 - Currently being updated

  • 2012 - 122 incidents

  • 2011 - 116 incidents

  • 2010 - 114 incidents

  • 2009 - 102 incidents

  • 2008 - 74 incidents

  • 2007 - 68 incidents

  • 2006 - 46 incidents

  • 2005 - 32 incidents

  • 2004 - 50 incidents

  • 2003 - 36 incidents

  • 2002 - 34 incidents

  • 2001 - 35 incidents

  • 2000 - 31 incidents

  • 1999 - 41 incidents

  • 1998 - 35 incidents

Key to abbreviations
FAWGI False Alarm with Good Intent
? Query
Rescue WB Coastguard Helicopter, Rescue Whiskey Bravo
Rescue IJ Coastguard Helicopter, Rescue India Juliet
Rescue VA Coastguard Helicopter, Rescue Victor Alpha
Rescue MU Coastguard Helicopter, Rescue Mike Uniform
T4 Tango 4 - The casualty is deceased
RTS Return to Station
Newport IRT Newport Initial Response Team
Ryde IRT Ryde Initial Response Team
Needles CRT Needles Cliff Rescue Team
Bembridge CRT Bembridge Cliff Rescue Team
L/B Lifeboat
ILB Inshore Lifeboat
SSILB/Sandown Rescue Sandown & Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat
HLS Helicopter Landing Site
RSPCA The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SM(W) Sector Manager Wight
ALB All Weather Lifeboat
SO Station Officer
DSO Deputy Station Officer
CRO Coastguard Rescue Officer
CG Rescue 104 Coastguard Rescue 104 (New Coastguard Helicopter)
CG Rescue 106 Coastguard Rescue 106 (New Coastguard Helicopter - Portland)


Ventnor Mobile with The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal

Cliff Training at Woody 


Ventnor Bravo (Derek Tosdevin) & Ventnor Foxtrot (Brian Francis) as Cliff Top Safety




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